Explaining the Rewards Program
The PETPARENT Rewards Program
Simply stated, the PETPARENT Rewards Program is a win-win-win scenario. Pet owners win. Participating empowered communities and parishes win, and local businesses win.

First, each PETPARENT participating community establishes a local rewards program for pet owners. The customized program allows businesses in each community to offer specials and discounts to card-carrying pet owners.

Second, businesses generate more sales traffic and revenue while pet owners save on each purchase.

Third, participating communities experience increased license revenue and improved licensing compliance as a result of the incentives and rewards made attractive to pet owners.

What’s best, PETPARENT helps organize the program and gets the ball rolling.

Prior to the launch of the PETPARENT Rewards Program in your community, our representative will do the leg work to introduce the program to local businesses through Email, phone contact and on-site visits. The program is absolutely free to participating businesses and our representatives are highly trained in an effort to ensure that pet owners receive the best deals rewards. The more attractive and substantial the rewards and savings, the more incentivized pet owners become to license and participate. Our program not only encourages pet owners to “shop locally,” but is also strengthened and made more attractive by tying in discounts from national sponsors as well.

Upon licensing, each pet owner receives their PETPARENT Rewards Program card in the mail along with their pet license tag(s). Show the card at time of purchase at participating businesses and ring up the savings. In short order, the PETPARENT Rewards Card pays for the license itself and beyond with continued savings. Pets win. Pet owners win. Participating communities and parishes win. Local businesses win.
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