Increasing License Compliance 
Helping Communities Increase Compliance
PETPARENT’s online licensing and registration service provides pet-owners in participating local communities positive incentives and financial rewards that serve to boost licensing compliance rates. Among our pet-owner benefits:"
Convenient and easy to use web based registration and payment options

'Smart' Pet Tags with unique system pet identifications

High-tech online pet profile flexibility

The PETPARENT Missing Pet Radar

An incredible local rewards system that benefits participating local communities, pet owners and local business establishments

Education programs for both the Community and pet owners.

An ample amount of social media growth opportunities
Pet-owning PETPARENT subscribers using our service will receive tremendous service and financial benefits as well as be in compliance with local licensing ordinances. Word-of-mouth and social media customer satisfaction means satisfied pet-owners share news of the PETPARENT service with friends, neighbors and fellow pet-owners.

We project that with utilization of the PETPARENT Program, license compliance in participating communities will increase from an average of 10% to a minimum of 50%. Plus, over the next five years we estimate that you will see an increase annually between 25 to 50 percent.
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