Understanding the Data
Understanding Data
The more information available about your pet, the more means and resources available to enhance pet safety, security and overall welfare.

PETPARENT goes the extra mile in its online pet profile creation and payment process by offering to collect multiple sets of contact information. This is helpful in the event your pet becomes lost or goes missing.

This critical data includes not only your contact information as pet owner, but secondary contact information about people you designate as important, additional residences where your pet may spend time, photos, special care or medication instructions and information about specific obedience levels, training, or certifications about your pet that may be applicable.

This additional data allows you as pet owners to not only create a more comprehensive pet profile, but provides additional critical information to good Samaritans or local government animals services personnel who may come in contact with lost or missing pets.

Information is power and PETPARENT’s data collection and retrieval system puts that power to work for you and your pet(s).
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