Pet Owner-Centric Service
Unprecedented Services to Pet Owners
Satisfaction plus motivation are PETPARENT’s driving forces that spur pet owners to higher license compliance while receiving the numerous benefits of our rewards program. While licensing ordinance compliance and increased revenue are the shared goals of PETPARENT with its participating communities, we understand the compelling force to reach those goals is dependent on pet owner customer satisfaction. The PETPARENT Program is structured on a win-win-win platform for all constituencies.
Online Registration and Payment Options
The world does not revolve around City Hall’s 9-to-5 schedule. Pet owners enjoy the convenience of 24/7 online registration and credit card payment options, at this time a pet owner can opt in to automatic license renewal options. No driving through traffic, no filling out forms by hand, no wasted time standing in lines. PETPARENT also provides the ability to remove a pet within an existing pet profile for whatever the reason may be.
Digital Pet License Tags With System Identification Numbers
Pet owners receive PETPARENT “Smart” tags within a few days following the registration for each pet(s). These durable collar tags contain an individualized identification code for each licensed pet that allows for quick and easy online pet look-up. You can even look your pet up using your smartphone.

We keep you and your pets privacy in mind. While, local system administrators, license ordinance officers and pet shelter partners have access to the required pet profile data at all times, pet owners have the ability to control what information is viewable to the public.
Dynamic Online Pet Profile Functionality
Using any Internet-enabled device, pet owners can add, edit, or delete information in their respective pet profiles once the pet is registered. Pet profile data may include:
Pet’s photo

Pet’s obedience levels, special care instructions or medications instructions

Pet’s veterinarian name, address and phone number

Pet owner’s additional contacts and contact information

PETPARENT Missing Pet Radar opt-in

Email notification opt-in

Dynamic privacy settings
PETPARENT Missing Pet Radar
Within a pet-owner account, any user can easily create a “Missing Pet Radar” notification. The notification opens a series of questions allowing you to add where the pet was last seen and for security purposes, requires pet owners to confirm their contact information in their pet profile. The “Missing Pet Radar” also requires pet owners to make certain elements of their profile public to aid in the pet search efforts.

The complete “Lost Pet Alert” notification is Emailed to community partners and local members of the “Pet Posse”—fellow pet owners who have opted to receive notifications of lost pets. Additional public outreach is created by posting “Lost Pet Alert” notifications on social media and prominently displaying the notification on the homepage of the local website.

Using the unique “Smart” tag identification code, anyone who finds a lost pet can look up the profile and contact information, notifying the pet owner of good news with the simple click of a button, Email, phone call or text message.

Once the lost pet is safely returned to its owner, pet owners report their pet found, thereby cancelling the lost pet alert.

Communities often offer a free ride home program to licensed pets. If your city wants to offer this service, PETPARENT  can help! This process is also a key factor in reducing or eliminating pound-related fees for local participating PETPARENT  partnering communities.
Local Rewards Program
Along with the “Smart” tags, each registered pet owner receives two rewards card in the mail entitling them to receive significant discounts on both pet-related and non-pet related purchases from local participating businesses, and in some cases, national sponsors. It’s a win-win added benefit of the PETPARENT Program. Businesses have the competitive advantage of providing special offers to pet owners, and pet owners love knowing that their license compliance and registration translates into net savings on purchases.

PETPARENT does the legwork for participating local governments by developing and managing the program. PETPARENT staff work with local businesses, pet shelters, humane societies and other community participants to launch and grow a healthy responsible pet ownership program and community.
Education Programs
PETPARENT provides pet owners and prospective pet owners advice and information via a database of articles and blogs addressing a wide range of pet specific topics. Our system also makes it easy for local administrators to use PETPARENT as a public information resource to add information, news and bulletins to the local website and deliver it via Email to all registered pet owners. In effect, the PETPARENT solution becomes an electronic informational village for the local pet community.
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