Tag Distribution Services
The PETPARENT Tag Distribution
Fulfillment Services Typically, local governments offer a simple stamped pet tag with the communities name and year on it. Pet owners buy their license at city hall or other vending locations and receive a tag at the time of purchase.

PETPARENT is different. When a pet owner registers on our system, it will most often be online from the convenience of their home or work, or when “out and about” using a smartphone. Those who choose to register in person will continue to be able to do so. Once registered, rather than receiving a pet tag on location, they will receive a printable receipt indicating the pet has been registered, and in a few business days will find a “Smart” pet tag for each licensed pet and a rewards cards in the mail.

They will also receive program information and details regarding the current deals available to them with their rewards cards. Our Fulfillment Team is responsible for ensuring that each registrant receives the right tags, cards and information.

They are also responsible for coordinating and sending renewal notices, replacing lost or damaged tags, and providing customer service support as needed.
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